Friday, April 18, 2008

Creative Ways For Kids To Earn Cash

Creative Ways for Teens and Pre-Teens to Earn Money
By []Elle McGugan

Creativity and an open mind are essential for young teenagers who want to find ways to earn money. The world is a different place now than it was even a generation ago. With the changes have come some unfortunate limitations, but thankfully many new and exciting opportunities that never existed before.

*On line auctions can be launched by children as young as ten years old with a talent for writing simple poetry or short stories. The auction description can offer an original poem based on the buyer's choice of listed subject matter. By running multiple auctions consecutively, even if each poem only brings a few dollars, this could add up fairly quickly. Be sure to let the bidders know the age of the writer. Otherwise, they may expect a different level of experience than what the young poet has to offer.

*With children learning to type earlier than ever, they can offer a service to friends, family members or neighbors to transform favorite recipes into a personalized recipe book. With the availability of printing and binding services in most towns, any young teenager could easily produce a professionally crafted and personalized recipe book for their clients. If genuinely done correctly, the buyer may wish to purchase additional copies as a unique and personalized way of passing on family recipes to relatives.

*Young teenagers should also contact their newspapers and other local publications to request consideration as a book reviewer for young readers. As a book reviewer, the teen would choose a newly released book, read it and write a review that would be published in the family section of the publication. One advantage to this idea is that one review could potentially be published in more than one paper, thereby generating multiple paychecks for each book read and reviewed.

*For children who live in a golf course community, collecting and reselling lost golf balls can be very lucrative. Many of these communities have weekly, monthly, or online publications that will allow the child to place an advertisement to sell these gently used golf balls. Goodness knows there is usually an endless supply of them on the courses.

*Although perhaps not as glamorous or fun, many families with young children and pets want their backyard kept free of animal "presents." As busy as moms and dads typically are, many would gladly pay a youngster a small price to poop scoop their yard so their children have a safe, healthy place to play.

As you can see, opportunities do still exist for children who genuinely want to earn their own spending money. With a little imagination and the courage to take the first step, almost any child can become an entrepreneur.

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